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The candid freshness of an early morning breeze in a city, swept along by a light wind that invades the senses. A wave of heady, perfumed flowers accompanied by that special touch of valerian, noted for its relaxing properties, together with vanilla, sandalwood, orchid, jasmine and delicate lilacs.

Top Notes: lime, yuzu
Heart Notes: thyme flower, aldehyde
Base Notes: hinoki, cedar wood, musk
Style: urban and citrusy


Celebrating the roses of April, it is an essence of universal and timeless charm, which for Santa Eulalia is also synonymous with an unconditional love for the city of Barcelona, where in the heart of the city, in the Parc de Cervantes there is one of the world’s most important rose gardens, four hectares planted with 245 international varieties of the flower, with a botanical competition that has been held for more than ten years.

A perfume unique of its kind, steeped in passion and history, has thus been created to celebrate the thousand varieties and olfactory subtleties of the flower of universal love.


As its name suggests, this perfume is reminiscent of the aromas of those fresh, subtly sweet fruits so typical of the Mediterranean climate, enveloping the senses thanks to its delicate floral bouquet. Its fragrance is inspired by green mandarin, lemon, wormwood, verbena, cardamom, black pepper and moss with the bitter note of bergamot.rnia Sage, sweetgrass, wild Mountain tea, chamomile.

Heart Notes: luminous jonquille, rosebuds, golden hay, cannabis
Base Notes: musks, wet earth, vetiver, california cedar forests
Style: wicked rose


The sea and its essences; the water that gently caresses the skin, instantly providing a sensation of peace and tranquillity. A Mediterranean perfume from a city that is famed for its beaches and sea.

Chords of seawater, red grapes, mint, patchouli, bay, cedar wood and a slightly citric finish provided by the presence of lemon


Barcelona and its mild and gentle winter nights. A complex composition designed for those looking for a more mystical essence. Including notes of incense and star anise and particularly the aroma of saffron and Peruvian balsam, with leather and wild amber adding strength and personality.


Walking on the white sand of exotic beaches, where the water glints with turquoise reflections. Embraced by aromatic fruits, a taste of exotic life with a touch of white flowers. A unique blend of coconut, saffron and lily of the valley, with the refreshing energy of lemon leaf and a light touch of Vanilla Absolute.

Sophisticated as a summer cocktail, in a dream where Spain and Latin America meet.


A romantic evening stroll around the town. An intense concoction to create a sensory portrait of love. A composition that will instantly whisk you away into the sunset. With notes of cypress, star anise, and figolide, and a heart of myrrh, labdanum and coffed, it shades with Guaiac, Sandal and Cedar wood and genlty ends with Benzoin, Cistus and Vanilla.